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Churches and Church Plants that join in the mission with Atlanta Metro Baptist Association discover multiple benefits of Membership.
Neighborhood-Focused Consulting

Every Church and Church Plant has access to strategic assistance in connecting to the surrounding neighborhoods with Atlanta Metro Baptist Association providing the following:

    +Demographics, including every home in the surrounding neighborhoods

    +Mailing List, house by house, in the surrounding neighborhoods

    +Assisting with developing “discipled influencers” in each neighborhood of the church field

Speak with our Executive Director, Jimmy Baughcum, or his assistant, Kimmie White, to begin the process of gaining access to these tools.


Strategic Church Consulting

Churches and Church Plants in Atlanta metro receive strategic church consulting to assist in almost every ministry area.


Futuring Consulting for Church Revitalization

Each Church has access to a church and church leadership futuring process that will assist in understanding the unique pathway for the revitalized future of the church. 


Customized Resources

Each Church and Leader has access to the opportunity for customized resources for their church and ministry that are uniquely developed for your church or church plant. Some examples include assistance with Bylaws, Manual of Procedures, Budget Design, Facility Planning and Use, Church Health Tools, and many other resources.


Connection with other Ministry Leaders

Ministry is not meant to be done alone. Each Pastor and Church Leader can access other ministry leaders for encouragement and support.


Collaboration and Partnership

Historic Churches and New Church Plants have access to collaborate with other churches and church plants for effectiveness in their mission. Often, historic churches will host church plants in their facilities. 


Church Planting and Replanting

Atlanta Metro Baptists have a strong missional focus on Church Planting and Replanting for new churches and churches that need replanting due to significant decline.


 Atlanta Metro Baptist Association offers pastor, staff, and church planter coaching. In addition, Pastors and Church Leaders are invited to learn how to coach church leaders and church planters.


Umbrella 501(c)3 Status

Member churches and church plants are provided an umbrella 501c3 status through the association providing non-profit status to secure donations as tax-deductible.

To discover how to become a member church or church planter through Atlanta Metro Baptist Association, please contact our Executive Director, Jimmy Baughcum. 

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