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Saturate Metro Atlanta

We dream of saturating every heartbeat in every neighborhood of Metro Atlanta with the gospel of Jesus through a network of discipled influencers connected to multiplying churches.

To saturate every heartbeat in every neighborhood with the gospel of Jesus Christ, Atlanta Metro Baptist churches will focus on three components: Neighborhood Understanding, Discipled Influencer Development, and Multiplying Churches.

Neighborhood Understanding

Metro Atlanta is composed of hundreds of neighborhoods. These neighborhoods show vast differences and diversity. For example, the city of Atlanta alone represents 242 neighborhoods. In addition to the city of Atlanta, hundreds more neighborhoods exist inside the perimeter of Metro Atlanta. Atlanta Baptists recognize that while the suburbs of Atlanta think less about specific neighborhoods, inside the perimeter of Metro Atlanta is defined by neighborhoods. 

The mission of saturating every heartbeat in every neighborhood of Metro Atlanta with the gospel requires a granular view of the neighborhood environment. In addition, our churches must develop discipled influencers to be the responsible carriers of the gospel in their respective neighborhoods. We cannot develop thousands of discipled influencers without discovering the uniqueness of each neighborhood that our churches influence. 

What if every existing church catalyzes church strength by working diligently to understand the five to seven neighborhoods their church finds around them? What if those existing churches not only understand their neighborhoods, but begin to discover and deploy followers of Christ who grow into influencers for the gospel in those neighborhoods? We contend that when we deploy everyday followers of Jesus into these neighborhoods to care for their neighbors, share the gospel with their neighbors, and disciple their own neighbors, we will see a huge harvest for Christ in Metro Atlanta. Will you begin praying with us for our neighbors?

Discipled Influencer Development

To "gospelize" each neighborhood, Atlanta Baptist churches will develop discipled influencers for every neighborhood through our churches. These disciples already exist in our churches and neighborhoods. Each disciple needs the development and resources to become the influencers they are designed to be. As an association of churches, we commit to assisting our churches to add to their understanding of our neighborhoods strategies that develop discipled influencers for each of those neighborhoods so that we may see that harvest of the gospel we long to see. 

Multiplying Churches 

If Atlanta Baptists focus on and understand their neighborhoods, develop and deploy discipled influencers in every neighborhood, we will energize a movement that catalyzes a multiplication model in our churches and neighborhoods. A multiplying church exponentially multiplies disciples, develops and deploys a growing network of influencers for the gospel (leaders), and ultimately sends out new churches into these neighborhoods. The outcome of each of our churches becoming multiplying churches will be the strengthening of our existing churches and the planting of new life-giving churches. 

Will you join in our effort to saturate every heartbeat in every neighborhood of Metro Atlanta with the gospel of Jesus through a network of discipled influencers connected to multiplying churches?

You may ask, how?

  • If you represent one of our Atlanta Baptist churches, get involved in our neighborhood understanding, discipled influencer development, or multiplying churches teams. 

  • If you live outside of Metro Atlanta or do not represent one of our churches, we ask you to pray and give for the city and each neighborhood to know Jesus.

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How Do I Connect?

Multiple ways exist for you to connect with us:

  • Send us a message through the form below.

  • Call us at 770-455-4870

  • Email our Executive Director's Assistant for more information.


In the coming days, resources will be listed in this section to assist our churches in saturating every heartbeat of every neighborhood with the gospel.

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