A helpful message From our friend, Jason Lumpkin, About an online presence During the coronavirus Pandemic


Atlanta Metro Baptist Association will be providing and updating resources for you during the Coronavirus Pandemic. 


While this has caught us by surprise, our God is never surprised. We want to remind you of a few things first.


1. God has not given us a spirit of fear.

We are the body of Christ who serves the God of the universe.  He's creator and sustainer. We trust Him, above all.

2. God has provided us the hope of the gospel for our family and neighbors.

3. We have the potential to make a difference for the gospel during these uncertain and fearful days. 







  • A well-done resource on how to respond as a church with ideas on serving, streaming, giving, consideration for how this may impact Easter, and other resource links





STREAMING AND ONLINE PLATFORMS: Many churches have found that streaming with Facebook Live, Instagram TV, or Youtube have been inexpensive options; however, some churches may seek a more professional experience. The more professional experience is not necessary for most, but worth a look.


When streaming, keep in mind that people have a smaller attention span in an online environment. We recommend keeping the worship in shorter segments with a 20-minute message. You may want to consider utilizing a few shorter 5 minute Bible Study segments throughout the week. It is imperative to have a more conversational style online.




ONLINE AND ALTERNATIVE GIVING OPTIONS FOR CHURCHES: Your church's present church and database software company may have options for alternative ways to give; however, if you are looking for a quick option, please review some of the methods listed below.



  • Givelify -- Requires checking account verification for deposits



  • Check with your Database or Church Software Company for other options





Continue to check our Facebook Page for other links as we come across them.



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